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Ms. Janna Wieland

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Located at 220 Ferry Avenue, Charlevoix, MI

We are drawn to our waterfront for a variety of reasons, each of which is different for all of us. Many families identify with Lake Charlevoix as a home for their family cottages, while others have been sailing and boating our waters for generations. On any given weekend in the spring, summer or fall, you can see how vibrant the Charlevoix community really is. Our community reach extends far beyond the borders of our downtown to our lakeshore including Charlevoix Yacht Club, which is our community. Our club will be home to an incredibly unique event space that overlooks Lake Charlevoix and is connected to our home waters like no other. Weddings, celebrations, events and memories will be created here. Our members have made a tremendous investment in our community by taking this project from the drawing board into something real for our community and their families to enjoy. Our invitation stands for you to consider our club as your club. We believe our venue is something special and think you will too. ~ Robert Grove, CYC Commodore

About Us: About Us
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