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Local Photographer ~ RosePhoto

Updated: May 31, 2022

We will be featuring local photographers, florists, caterers and more in our blog. This way you can learn about them on a personal level and see all that they have to offer from our part of northern Michigan. All local vendors are welcome to participate and can reach out to me here at This month's feature is RosePhoto from Charlevoix, Michigan. RosePhoto offers engagement, wedding, family and other packages. They even offer a charming photo travel booth.

As shared by Alicia Willett, Owner

"RosePhoto started in 2010 while I was living in Chicago, attending The University of Illinois. I took on few weddings per year and several shoots while I attended school and afterward moved around the country a little bit. It only recently really took off in 2020, after taking 3 years off to be present with my kids as a new Mom. That was when I was ready to deep dive back into my work. I figured I would start small and get back into the career I've always loved and to pour my heart into. Once I started again, there was nothing slow about coming back and it has filled my cup ever since! We're now fully booked for an entire year out and I couldn't be happier with the job I love!

What I Love Most About My Business
I think what I love most is that you do get to constantly grow and become better at your job. I love when returning clients come back because I know if they were happy enough to come back, they'll be even happier with their next session. I'm constantly upgrading and adding equipment and always learning how to improve to be the best photographer I can be along with providing the best experience for my clients. I love serving people and giving them family heirlooms that can be beautiful pieces of art to have for a lifetime. Photographs with your people truly are treasures and I always tell my clients that this is one thing they'll never regret investing in. Family photos are priceless, and I love providing that to people.

Favorite Photo Locations
I love to provide my clients with my favorite locations for their photo sessions! I always tell them first that they are more than welcome to choose all their locations if they have something sentimental in mind or just a special location they would like to use. Most of the time though my clients do leave it up to me to provide my favorite locations and I love when they do since I have a handful of tried-and-true spots that I know will leave my clients happy! I think my favorite location will forever be the McSauba Sand Dunes. You can find me there 3-4 times per week doing sessions over the miles of sand dunes with beautiful Lake Michigan as a backdrop. I also love to suggest photos downtown, the beautiful lighthouse and pier, at the marina with Round Lake in the background and any field I can find that is public property I'm all over! "

To end, we are happy to feature Alicia at RosePhoto. She has taken some engagement and wedding photos here at CYC Events that are breathtaking.

We will also feature other local vendors whenever possible. Keeping business local is what makes our communities thrive! There is so much talent that can be easily overlooked and we hope that we can help make your lifetime memories very special in Charlevoix!

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