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Now Offering Small Intimate Wedding Option

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

In the last 6-9 months a trend has surfaced where several small wedding inquiries have been received for 50 guests or less. I asked around to some local wedding planners and reviewed offerings of other local venues to see if we could help fill this need of a shorter rental time and smaller budget.

To share the background the majority of us venues in the Charlevoix County area do not really view each other as competition. We all have a special niche and atmosphere that will appeal to ones differently. How are we different from each other?

Some have a staff of one, whereas some have a large staff and can hold several events and weddings in one day. Some offer a smaller price because they have full-service kitchen where they can charge per person. Others have separate small spaces from their main event space and can host more than one event per day. Even others make rental times shorter. In essence, other venues already offer a small wedding option, even if it is not published that way.

So, I asked myself, why not offer this as an option? We could accommodate a smaller budget and guest count, while utilizing our space that is not too large, nor too small. It has worked perfectly for other intimate gatherings. As a newer venue we strive to think of new ways to fill our calendar and this is a need that could be filled.

Our new offering is a Small Intimate Wedding Option. You may have heard of Micro-Weddings or Tiny Weddings. Our definition is time-honored traditions can still be honored with a seven-hour rental (regular rental is 12 hours) for up to 40 guests. It is offered any day of the week except Fridays and Saturdays from June - October. It includes:

  • Event Hall with Covered Porch for Ceremony & Cocktails

  • Kitchen

  • Bridal Suite

  • Dance Floor

  • 5' Round Tables, White Linens and White Chiavari Chairs

  • Onsite Event Director

I am excited to be able to offer this to prospective clients. If you would like more information please reach out to me at or call 231-437-3474.


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